Complete Litigation Trial Defense

Complete Litigation Trial Defense

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We believe you deserve the best possible defense in your misdemeanor traffic case right now. In this defense plan we will provide that defense for you to give you the best chance to avoid custody, probation, high fines, public work service and/or a license suspension or revocation. We’ll appear in court for you. In this more personalized defense package you’ll save the higher cost of going to trial by having us focus our efforts on negotiating with the prosecution and/or judge to try and obtain a dismissal or favorable plea agreement for you. We've already helped HUNDREDS of people WIN their cases and we’re ready to help you too. Click the GREEN button below to retain us to represent you now.


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DISCLAIMER & PRICE GUARANTEEOur advertised defense package prices herein are fixed and include all costs and fees for our services, excluding any court costs like bail and/or fines, and experts & investigators, and postage & delivery costs, which you may or may not choose to incur in your own case. If your court date is within ten days then there may be an additional fast-track fee of $500 added so we can properly prioritize your case and begin defending you immediately. *California law and professional ethics rules preclude us from making any guarantees as to outcome or offering chances in any particular case, so no such guarantees or chances are offered herein.