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We believe you deserve the very best legal representation available. Since 1999 we've helped hundreds of clients across California in traffic cases like yours, including in DMV license suspension cases. Please see our list of practice areas and extensive case experience below.

Covering all of California's courts and DMV Driver Safety Office locations with a highly experienced network of local traffic trial attorneys and DMV license suspension defense lawyers, we work hard every day to accomplish our clients' goals. We're based out of West Hollywood, the beating heart of Los Angeles on the world famous Sunset Boulevard. Offering a full-service legal management firm and law association, the TAIT LAW FIRM's criminal traffic division is California's premier traffic ticket and DMV defense law firm.

We're a highly experienced, professional, full service law firm dedicated to helping our clients accomplish their goals while providing superior client service that sets us apart from all other traffic defense law firms in the state. At the TAIT LAW FIRM, you can expect professional results and regular communication, case updates and telephone or email responses by the end of the next business day, if not the very same day.

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Attorney Arthur Tait is one of the nation's leading litigation experts in criminal traffic defense, featured in national and international news media for his unique and winning defense efforts on behalf of our clients.

We believe in treating our clients like we'd expect to be treated by a lawyer: superior client service & superior results. We accomplish this using the team approach. This way, the TAIT LAW FIRM ensures that all our clients receive the best possible chance of success and the most professional representation available.

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Our experience includes defending clients against the following charges: criminal mayhem, vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter, serious DUI resulting in death or great bodily injury, DUI, wet reckless, drug possession, open container, reckless driving, street racing tickets, exhibition of speed, red light tickets, red light camera tickets, photo enforcement tickets, speeding tickets, 100mph tickets, driver's license tickets, stop sign tickets, commercial driving (CDL) tickets and alleged violations like hours, logbook, over length tickets & overweight violations, HAZMAT violations, DMV license suspension and DMV license revocation actions, all moving violations & truck driving tickets, including owner operator tickets.